Career Programme

Career Programme

Downs View Link College Careers, Preparation for Work and Community Participation Programme

The progamme consists of several strands and aims to meet the individual needs of each student.

Community Participation

All the students have the opportunity to engage in the wider community including shopping trips, educational visits, sport, leisure and cultural events and activities. This includes meeting a range of different people in different and from different settings and backgrounds

Work experience

There are work experience opportunities within the college including our own Fab Café, car washing social enterprise and a range of college based jobs eg recycling, shredding.

In addition to on-site work experience, some of our students are supported to access a range of community based work experience placements. The students work towards a NOCN qualification linked to the world of work.  

Career information and future education

The students and their families/carers are informed about future opportunities that are available and next steps. Support in this process includes information about and visits to colleges and transition programmes into their chosen next educational or social care provider.

Here is the link to Careers Policy.

Respect Aspiration Resilience

An aspirational learning environment with dignity and respect at its core, where everyone reaches their potential through effective communication, building resilience and having fun.